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Welcome to Dreamcastle Grid!

DreamCastle Entertainment Grid. DreamCastle Grid has no specific goals. Its vast landscape consists entirely of user-generated content, which means that everything you see has been built by someone else an avatar controlled by a live human user. These avatars build and buy homes, form friendships, hook up, get married, and make money. DreamCastle Grid is a virtual world not a game in the traditional sense. BUT you can play all kinds of games in DreamCastle Grid if that is your thing. This is not limited unless limited to the user's fairyland mindset otherwise there is no limit as long the Grid hereafter DreamCastle Grid is able to let you do your ideas, this is the freedom @ DreamCastle Grid. who mentally spends most of his time in a three-dimensional virtual world called the Metaverse. He, as well as other people, access this Metaverse using personal computer terminals that project pictures of a virtual urban environment situated on a virtual artificial planet onto goggles. Within the Metaverse, everyone appears in the form of personalized avatars; that is, pieces of software that are the audiovisual bodies that people use to represent themselves and communicate with other people in the Metaverse. These avatars, which may have any appearance the user desires (except for limitations of height ‘‘to prevent people from walking around a mile high’’), can perform any activities familiar from their real life, such as visiting nightclubs, making friends, or consuming virtual drugs, like the pseudo-narcotic snow crash. DreamCastle Grid as it is.

Set this to reach the grid: https://grid.dreamcastle-entertainment.eu:8002

Note: It will approximately still take about 3 weeks before we are open in a way that you can do more and yes buy land there will be a list with prices soon. Owners, Bluefire Gost and Frank Orbis
Grid Update Status

We do believe in keeping our members safe and secure, some of you may not feel comfortable living in a walled world or Grid. Experience a grid that actively encourages a community environment, One that works together as a team to make everyone’s virtual world experience all that it can be. Best regards, Buefire Ghost

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