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Welcome to Dreamcastle Grid!

DreamCastle Entertainment Grid. Welcome to DreamCastle Grid or in short DCGrid, it is the year 2020, be aware of this line THIS IS A TEST GRID. it is full of BUGS and it was installed as it is once from inworld, so this is a BIG IMPACT ALPHA VERSION called Halcyon, that has to be said. Set this to reach the grid: https://grid.dreamcastle-entertainment.eu:8002 Note: It will approximately still take about 3 weeks before we are open in a way that you can do more and yes buy land there will be a list with prices soon. Owners, Bluefire Gost and Frank Orbis

Grid Update Status

We do believe in keeping our members safe and secure, some of you may not feel comfortable living in a walled world or Grid. Experience a grid that actively encourages a community environment, One that works together as a team to make everyone’s virtual world experience all that it can be. Best regards, Buefire Ghost

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